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Toner cartridges using note!

Notice the use of toner cartridges:

1 >> to avoid the use of high temperature, high humidity, and preserved in cold environment. Toner cartridge in high temperature or cold storage place for too long, the drum to recovery room temperature for a period of time for.

2 >> cartridge before use don't tear off Kaifeng, otherwise the toner once the moisture will agglomerate, affect printing or printing color.

3 >> to avoid long time exposure to bright light cartridge. Don't tear cartridge bag when not in use, the photosensitive drum core exposed to light after use will print the shallow.

4 >> machine to replace the toner, to keep the machine clean no foreign body, ensure that the metal contact machine and toner clean, good contact without loosening.

5 >> do not turn the OPC OPC drum drum core, core rotation, attention must be paid to the direction, rotating in the wrong direction would damage the part print or print smear caused by leakage of powder.

6 >> do not use Select print paper crease, cut not neat or too thick, strong paper,? Affect the print quality and wear a photosensitive drum.

First to horizontal shaking 4-5 7 "cartridges installed before the toner, loose and uniform distribution, and the sealing strip is pulled out, otherwise it may appear not uniform.

8 >> to ensure the cartridges from the display, hard disk drive or any other magnetic material